Construction and environmental monitoring

Modern information system

Let’s have all your project measurement data on one place within your reach everywhere and on every device. System includes, among other things:

Data and File storage

Visualization and analysis of measurements

Management of the measurement stations

Map data and situation overviews


Automatic Sensing - Responsive design

Proven solution

Automatic Sensing is the system that has been proven for years and is also used in the largest monitoring projects in the Czech Republic.

Thanks to customer feedback, we’ve added and tuned features exactly as you need them.

We have prepared the integration of your existing infrastructure and equipment, so you can start taking advantage of the Automatic Sensing system without worries and significant investments.

5+ years of experience and development

3 states where Automatic Sensing is used

10,000 files on the data store

3+ millions of records

500+ active units

Use cases

About us

Automatic Sensing provides complex solutions for your outdoor measurement projects. The key feature of our platform is online remote access to the data via web browser. Deployment of our measuring units allows minimization of expenses due to the nearly absolute automation of measuring. The ecosystem of services covers whole process from data acquisition through data processing up to the generation of reports. All parameters of measuring are available in online control app so it is possible to adjust them according to your current needs.