Examples of use

You can find specific examples of implemented projects in the “references” section.


Monitoring is an integral part of the construction and possibly also the operation of line structures led by more complicated terrain.

Thanks to real-time monitoring of measured quantities, it is possible to react flexibly to impending problems already in the germ and thus prevent more serious damage.

Full automation of measuring activities brings significant time and financial savings, because professional staff no longer has to spend their time traveling and measuring manually.

Water management

Monitoring the status of watercourses and groundwater in recent years has come to the fore due to long periods of drought and occasional flash floods.

The Automatic Sensing system can issue an early warning of the rapidly rising level of smaller watercourses that are not fully under the control of the river basin.

Continuous measurements in wells make it possible to effectively detect unusual level fluctuations indicating excessive pumping of groundwater by unknown subjects.


Environmental impact is a very important topic for the approval and operation of large buildings and industrial plants.

By switching to automatic monitoring of key variables, a significant reduction in costs can be achieved.

It is easy to measure various quantities in the field without the need to take samples and take them to the laboratory. This can be, for example, soil moisture or acidity or water pollution by oil products.


Mining structures are characterized by a significant number of dangerous factors and therefore it is crucial to have them all under complete control.

Sufficient fresh air circulation is one of the necessary conditions for the operation of any underground work and therefore automatic monitoring of air flow and quality is one of the priorities.

Of course for mining constructions, there is also online data transmission to the information system via cable lines in the underground and a GSM connection on the surface.

Civil engineering

Continuous monitoring of the constructed structures allows to evaluate the behavior of the building with respect to the project documentation.

In the case of reconstruction of buildings, it is often necessary to prove the care of monuments that there is no damage to historically valuable structures, which can be ensured thanks to the Automatic Sensing system.

Last but not least, a full overview of the non-standard behavior of structures allows you to prevent accidents and protect personnel.


In meteorology, predictions for planning construction works or historical records for research purposes are most often used.

It is not always necessary to own a meteorological station located directly in the locality of interest. Commercially available data are also available, which cover the entire Czech Republic in sufficient density.