Information system

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The core feature of our product range is the responsive web application for managing all measuring units and obtained readings. All data are accessible from anywhere and whenever you need. The information system runs on most modern platforms regardles on the device type and size.

Automatic Sensing - Responsive design

Visualization and analysis of measurements

Time consuming processing of raw data on a computer is the history. Now with our solution all is done automatically in a real time. Filtering, plotting of a graph, warning reports, etc.

Map data and situation overviews

Situational awareness is crucial in the decision making so we try to simplify for you the access to the data that you need. Our map and measurement overview help to show the relations of all relevant aspects at one place.

Management of the measurement stations

Complete portfolio of the measuring stations can be managed on one place. You don’t have to worry about your inventory and lengthy investigate what is abouts of the measuring equipment in of your organization.

Data and File storage

The information system Automatic Sensing allows you to store all project related data under one roof encourages rapid collaboration.