Dataloggers and Remote measuring units

Compact measuring station for remote reading

Measuring station / datalogger of compact dimensions for remote reading of monitored quantities. It serves as a building block of the Automatic Sensing system and can be used with any of our distributed sensors. The entire configuration of the station is done conveniently through web application. Physical operation is simplified to simply connect the sensor, antenna and insert the battery cells.

Drawing with dimensions

Technical specification

Dimensions190 x 85 x 80 mm (Borehole diameter>120mm)
Number of channels1x digital and 2x analog channels

* On request up to 16 analog channels
Sensor interfaceAnalog:
– 4-20 mA
– 0-2V

– RS232

– RS485 (Extension module)
Power supply3x D batteries (not included)
Battery life is 18 months
(May vary depending on operating conditions)
* Optionally powered from power grid
ConnectivityMobile internet via build-in GSM modem
(SIM card not included)
* Optionally WiFi or LAN connectivity
AntennaExternal flat (with magnetic mounting)
* Optionally high gain rod antenna
Frequency of measurementsvariable
* intervals >= 15min
Colordark grey