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Select with us measurement equipment for your project

Level measurement

Level meters for measuring the level of liquids, which can be used, for example, to monitor groundwater in wells and boreholes. An immersion or contactless method is available depending on the specific application.

Angle measurement

High precision and compact units for measurement of the surface tilting in multiple directions. Resistant to the vibration and disturbances on the construction sites.

Flow measurement

Water or air flow measurement e.g. watercourse or wind monitoring. Available submersible or contactless method based on the particular application.

Distance measurement

Measurement of the elongation of the objects or shifts in the terrain. Available solutions based on extensometers or GNSS position surveying.

Weather monitoring

Weather monitoring includes measurement of air temperature, atmospheric pressure, humidity, wind speed, wind direction, precipitation and UV index. Besides weather stations offerd by us, we support also devices compatible with API of

Environmental monitoring

We help to monitor environmental condition such as soil PH, soil moisture content, water pollution by petroleum products and more.

Sensor packages include physical sensor unit with signal cable of required length and soldered connectors compatible with Automatic Sensing measurement units.