An overview of possible applications of Automatic Sensing services in various industries can be found in the “Application Examples” section.

Highway D8 (Czech Republic)

The remote measuring system of the Automatic Sensing is currently largely deployed (more than 50 units) at the highway D8 in the Czech Republic for monitoring of the problematic surroundings. Our customer utilizes here a large spectrum of a measuring equipment that include water level measuring, pore pressure measuring, tilt measuring and more. It is expected that this measure is going to last at least for several years. Therefore our system is well prepared to withstand for such a long time and provide our customer with reliable results.

Railway corridor Ejpovice

To monitor the stability of the mining remains in the vicinity of the newly built railway corridor Ejpovice, a customized camera system from Automatic Sensing was built. The deployed solution is an example of a long-term sustainable model of line construction monitoring with maximum utilization of modern technologies and minimal need for human work.

Hranice abyss

We participate also in the research activities of the Our measuring unit also monitors water level in the deepest flooded abyss in the world located in the Czech Republic.

Richard repository

The radioactive waste repository is located in a former limestone mine near Litoměřice, and Automatic Sensing provides monitoring of the speed and direction of air flow in the corridors and the state of wind door closure. This data is important for the safety of workers in expanding the complex. For this reason, an online overview of the situation is available to those involved.